English classes for 6 to 11

Janaka විසින් විකිණීමට 24 May 22:14 pm , නිට්ටඹුව

රු 500

I'm a tutor in English for 12 years and conduct home visiting classes for individuals or small groups around Veyangoda, Nittambuwa, Mirigama and Attanagalla. The class is conducted in a particular manner in which the student is trained to be master in Reading, Speaking and Writing. School syllabus and some extra will be taught along with lots of questions and past papers. Call 071-8181729, Whatsapp 071-7866292

අමතර ඉගැන්වීම් වර්ග: පුද්ගලික ටියුශන් පන්ති
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ඔබට විකිණීමට යමක් තිබේද?

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